Heinz Schneider

Heinz Schneider
President, Pelletron Corporation

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Heinz joined Pelletron as President and minority shareholder in 2003. He and Vice President, Paul Wagner, became 100% shareholders in 2008 prior to selling their stakes to IPEG in 2016.  Heinz remains President under IPEG ownership.  During his years at the helm of Pelletron, Heinz utilized his extensive technical expertise in material handling technologies together with his international sales experience to significantly grow the Pelletron brand globally.

Prior to Pelletron, Heinz had moved from Germany to USA in 1995 to start Waeschle, Inc. in Chicago. Under his leadership, Waeschle became the market leader in pneumatic conveying systems in the plastics manufacturing industry in USA. He introduced dense phase conveying technology into the U.S. market and established strong sales of these new technologies in USA and Mexico.

Heinz earned his Masters of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Mainz in Germany.

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